Blu Financial assists you to equate your retirement options and apprises you of the potential risks to your retirement success. We have helped hundreds of clients optimize their social security, Medicare, Roth Conversion, and ultimately have a realistic understanding of their cash flow after retirement.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals nearing or already into retirement
  • Anyone with 3mil+ in retirement assets
  • Those committed to a budget for a post-retirement income plan

Here is your Free Retirement Income Plan Assessment

The Process

Step #1

Schedule a 30-Min introductory Call

After the initial contact, you can schedule a 30-minute phone call which is an introduction for us to have a deeper and better understanding of what you wish to achieve in terms of your retirement goals or what you foresee as your future at your retirement stage. Once we mutually agree on finer points, we will do a fact-finding job to collect information about your resource, assets, liabilities, risk management, and legacy plan and analyze them for potential retirement plans. 

The fee for planning is about $3500.

Step #2

Schedule a 30-Min review call

After gathering all the relevant information that we require to devise a retirement income plan for you, we will input the entire data into our software and run a thorough Stress Test. The Stress Test helps us see the outcomes up to the age of 95. Based on the results and comparisons, our professional consultants will help you optimize the strategy for receiving your social security, Medicare, and Roth conversion.

Step #3

Schedule a 30-Min call to finalize the Plan

Once we have finalized the plan, you are at liberty to just walk away with it and implement it by yourself. Or you can choose to work with professionals and let us implement it for you, to avoid running into any future roadblocks.

Got another question?

Read on to find answers ​

The time to completely implement a plan varies but you can expect us to complete a comprehensive plan within 1 – 3 months.

The cost of retirement income plans varies and is dependent on the plan you choose. If we do a comprehensive plan that includes everything including Cash flow analysis, Social Security optimization, Medicare, and Roth conversion, it can cost anywhere from $3500-$5000.

For one, we are a thoroughly professional team of consultants, account managers and financial managers which means your future is in good hands. 

Secondly, we like to spend time understanding your unique goals. We only work with people who are committed to their plan over a long period. 

Also we are conservative and offer reasonable pricing for high quality products.

We are a hybrid when it comes to charging a commission. We can get our compensation through a commission which is a percentage of the money you spend, or by a fixed fee for managing your assets.

Not necessarily. You can only ask us to devise a suitable plan and implement it the way you wish to.

Yes, that is also an option. For which, we will charge you only for that portion of the plan that we implement for you.

Yes, Zoom call works just as well for us, as traditional methods like phone and email. We are fully cognizant that you may have a busy schedule and it’s not always easy to get everyone in the room.

Yes, we can always schedule quarterly or bi-annual reviews at your convenience.