Blu Financial Planning works alongside an expert pension consultant to design attractive retirement plans for Small Business owners as well as advanced plans to minimize tax liabilities while saving for your best post-retirement life.

Who is it for?

  • Established Business owners with positive cash flow and having up to 100 employees
  • Complex Retirement Plans
  • Business owners who wish to stay compliant with the IRS and ERISA

Here is your Free Business Retirement Plans Assessment

Your retirement plan is going to be an exclusive program that suits your needs best to fulfill your life-long dreams and enjoy the best time of your life. For that, we need to know some details.

The Process

Step #1

Schedule a 30-Min introductory Call

This 30-minute phone is like an introduction to getting an idea about which retirement plans suit your organization and fit your budget. Once we have a consensus on the plans, I will ask you to complete a census form (Just like the one below) to help our Pension consultant run an illustration for you.

Step #2

Schedule a 30-Min review call

The next 30-Min review call is to go over the plans and consult the actuary or the pension consultant. This is when you get an investment proposal and all related fees for the plan. We may even schedule further phone conversations, to address your queries in detail and square away any concerns.

Step #3

Schedule a 30-Min call to finalize the Plan

The final call is to generate plan documents, outlining the rules and details such as who can be qualified to participate, beneficiaries, eligibility, vesting, getting loan against the plan, etc.

The decision rests with you

The retirement plan assessment is totally free. Even if you decide not to take it, we will not charge you for our time and effort. It’s your life, your retirement and your choice. Because we like working with people who are comfortable working with us.

Got another question?

Read on to find answers ​

Processing times may vary from 1-3 months to go over the process and iron out all your concerns and issues.

It varies based on your needs. Basically it depends on whether you need a complex plan including 401(k) or the Profit-sharing or a defined befit cash balance plan. Our pension consultants will provide you with a detailed quote based on the complexity of the plan when we reach Step 2.

Blu Financial Planning is focused on providing the level of service that your business deserves. We are conservative and offer reasonable pricing for high-quality products. 

We offer institutional share investment generally exclusive to big company plans. 

  • Risk-based portfolio
  • Target dated fund
  • Socially responsible and faith-based asset classes

We are backed by a team of experienced professionals, who research and monitor every investment that we offer.

We also engage with business owners to assist them with developing long-term vision, basic or advanced business planning, deferred compensation, executive bonus plan, corporate account management etc. We also work with your CPA and estate and trust attorney to tie everything together.

Yes, if you have c-Corp, we can set up these types of plans. We work with local attorneys and your CPA that can draft the legal documents and ensure you stay compliant with all the regulations.

Yes, we can. Zoom calls and traditional methods, phone and email all work very well with us. We know you are busy and it’s not always easy to get everyone in the same room. 

Yes, we can schedule a time toward the end of the year to review the plan. You will also get your formal consensus from the pension consultant to calculate your contribution amount every year.