Through O.N. Investment Management Company, Advisory Programs offer multiple strategies using ETF models, Mutual Fund portfolios, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), and custom-designed investment portfolios for individuals & families.

Who is it for?

  • Those investing with a long-term goal in mind
  • Time horizon 3-5+ years 
  • Both retirement and non-retirement accounts

Contact me for an Investment Portfolio Assessment

Your hard-earned money needs to be put to optimal use. So let us meet, discuss, and explore what may be the right strategy for you. To get to your best fit of portfolios, we need to know some details which will help us assess your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

The Process

Step #1

Schedule a 30-Min introductory Call

The first 30-minute phone call is our breaking the ground, to get a better understanding of what you want to achieve with your investment funds. The introduction helps both parties see each other as a good fit before we lay down the opportunities & solutions that may become the stepping-stones towards achieving your investment goals.

Step #2

Schedule a 30-Min review call

Our next 30-Min phone conversation will be a detailed assessment to analyze the investment proposal, cost structure, review process, etc. Together we can work out strategies to help manage costs by minimizing taxation, risks, etc.

This is a review stage, and you don’t have to pay for it. You can still opt-out of it if it doesn’t look like a good fit to you.  Of course, fees and costs would apply should you decide to move forward with implementation.

Step #3

Schedule a 30-Min call to finalize the Plan

The final 30-minute phone call is to gather all the necessary information to set up your account, fill in the paperwork and create the investment portfolio in your name that will serve to help you get closer to your financial goals.

The decision rests with you

Blu Financial offers you an investment plan assessment. It’s your life, your money and your choice. We would love to help you with our professional input but the final decision rests with you alone.

Got another question?

Read on to find answers ​

The average processing time counted from the first scheduling of calls to the account setup, usually takes no more than 6 weeks.

The costs of account setup and service fees vary with the type of account you wish to set up. You will be given a breakdown of related costs during consultation.

Because we do our best to provide services that your lifestyle deserves. We believe the investor is best served by meaningful diversification through a bottom-up fundamental investment approach combined with a top-down technical approach to help reduce volatility and maximize gain. We offer:

Conservative and reasonable pricing for high-quality products

Yes, we are okay with a Zoom call and traditional methods. Web, phone, and email all work very well. We know you are busy and it’s not always easy to get everyone in the room.

Yes, of course. 

Blu Financial offers quarterly and/or annual reviews, depending on the size of your account, to satisfy your queries.